Regulation of B-cell development and tolerance by different members of the miR-17∼92 family microRNAs

Lai, M. Gonzalez-Martin, A. Cooper, A. B. Oda, H. Jin, Hyun-Yong Shepherd, J. He, L. Zhu, Jiang Nemazee, David Xiao, Changchun
Nature Communications  2016 7


The molecular mechanisms that regulate B-cell development and tolerance remain incompletely understood. In this study, we identify a critical role for the miR-1792 microRNA cluster in regulating B-cell central tolerance and demonstrate that these miRNAs control early B-cell development in a cell-intrinsic manner. While the cluster member miR-19 suppresses the expression of Pten and plays a key role in regulating B-cell tolerance, miR-17 controls early B-cell development through other molecular pathways. These findings demonstrate differential control of two closely linked B-cell developmental stages by different members of a single microRNA cluster through distinct molecular pathways.


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Next-Generation Sequencing

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B cell Repertoire Analysis