Epitope Scaffolding

Transplanting supersites of HIV-1 vulnerability

PLoS One 2014 9:e99881
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Computational tools for epitope vaccine design and evaluation

Current Opinion in Virology 2015 11:103-112
He, L. Zhu, Jiang

Approaching rational epitope vaccine design for hepatitis C virus with meta-server and multivalent scaffolding

Scientific Reports 2015 5:12501
Linling He, Yushao Cheng, Leopold Kong, Parisa Azadnia, Erick Giang, Justin Kim, Malcolm R. Wood, Ian A. Wilson, Mansun Law, Jiang Zhu

Differential antibody responses to conserved HIV-1 neutralizing epitopes in the context of multivalent scaffolds and native-like gp140 trimers

mBio 2017 8:e00036-17
Charles D. Morris, Parisa Azadnia, Natalia de Val, Nemil Vora, Andrew Honda, Erick Giang, Karen Saye-Francisco, Yushao Cheng, Xiaohe Lin, Colin J. Mann, Jeffrey Tang, Devin Sok, Dennis R. Burton, Mansun Law, Andrew B. Ward, Linling He, Jiang Zhu
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